The Squad

Backroom Staff

Leon Sewell - Manager

Leon Sewell – Manager

Chris Burke - Assistant Manager

Chris Burke – Assistant Manager 

Age: 36

Football Team: Liverpool

Hobbies: Football & Mountain Biking

favourite TV show: Luther

Favourite Music: Motown & House

Fun Fact: I’ve starred in a movie that was actually released. (In Oranje… was released in Holland but still counts! )

Ian Gray - Director of Football

Ian Gray – Director of Football

Phil Wood - Matchday Secretary

Phil Wood – Matchday Secretary






















Lewis Exall - Goalkeeper

Lewis Exall – Goalkeeper

Derek Peat - Goalkeeper

Derek Peat – Goalkeeper












Matty Fyvie - Defender (captain)

Matty Fyvie – Defender (captain)

Mike Hewitt - Defender

Mike Hewitt – Defender

Zak Oakshott - Defender

Zak Oakshott – Defender

Sam McLuaghlin - Defender

Sam McLuaghlin – Defender

Callum Stone - Defender

Callum Stone – Defender































Harry-Joe Earl - Midfielder

Harry-Joe Earl – Midfielder

Chris Short - Midfielder

Chris Short – Midfielder

Andy Bagshaw - Midfielder

Andy Bagshaw – Midfielder

Andy Coverdale - Midfielder/Attacker/Coach

Andy Coverdale – Midfielder/Attacker/Coach

Mike Pecora - Midfielder/forward

Mike Pecora – Midfielder/forward































Danny Moore - Forward

Danny Moore – Forward

Josh Walker - Forward

Josh Walker – Forward


Busilana Kashilembo - Forward

Busilana Kashilembo – Forward