Meet The Squad

Andy Bagshaw – Midfielder

Andy Bagshaw (Baggy)

Age. 22 + 10

Team. Leeds Utd

Hobbies. Golf (massive handicap) and anything the missus says!!

Fav TV. Not got one but all time favourite film is Dumb & Dumber

Fav music. Anything goes

Fun fact. Can balance a jug of anything alcoholic on my head while dancing at the same time



Zak Oakshott – Defender

Zak Oakshott

Age. 24

Team. Hull City

Hobbies. Fifa & gym

Fav TV. Inbetweeners

Fav Music. Indie

Fun Fact. Completed the half time crossbar challenge at the KCOM in front of 20 thousand people!!


Danny Moore – Forward

Danny Moore

Age. 28

Team. Sheffield Utd

Hobbies. Playing footy & golf

Fav TV. NCIS & Law and Order

Fav Music. Garage

Fun Fact. At the end of the day!…… it’s night!





Harry-Joe Earl – Midfielder

Harry-Jo Earl (H)

Age. 20

Team. Chelsea

Hobbies. Going out with mates and watching rugby

Fav TV. Match of the day

Fav Music. Dance

Fun Fact. Only ever had 1 yellow card in men’s football




Mike Hewitt – Defender

Mike Hewitt


Age. 34

Team. Liverpool

Hobbies. Gym & Golf

Fav TV. Ray Donavon

Fav Music. R&B/Rap/Hip Hop

Fun fact. Loves a holiday!!




Chris Short – Midfielder

Chris Short (Shorty)

Age. 24

Team. Bolton Wanderers

Hobbies. Music & Poker

Fav TV. Peaky Blinders

Fav Music. Anything really

Fun fact. I have 4 nipples!! True fact!!




Chris Burke – Assistant Manager

Chris Burke

Age. 36

Team. Liverpool

Hobbies. Football & Mountain Biking

Fav TV. Luther

Fav Music. Motown & House

Fun fact. I’ve starred in a movie that was actually released. (In Oranje… was released in Holland but still counts!)


Leon Sewell – Manager


Leon Sewell (Gaffer)

Age. 31

Team. Arsenal

Hobbies. Football & drinking beer

Fav TV. Whatever the missus is watching

Fav Music. Funky House

Fun fact. Played in a football competition 2 years back to back for North & East Riding reps side, was the only English side involved and got to the final on the 2nd trip losing 2-1 to a youthful PSG side.

Also back in my playing days I once scored from my own box whilst playing in goal!!


Josh Walker – Forward

Josh Walker

Age. 16

Team. Liverpool

Hobbies. Watching footy and going to Hull FC

Fav TV. A league of their own

Fav Music. Kanye west

Fun fact. I’ve got 7 toes!!





Busilana Kashilembo – Forward

Busilana Kashilembo (Quej)

Age. 26

Team(s). Barca, Man City, Hull City & Westella

Hobbies. Public speaking & motivational speaking

Fav TV. Pride of Britain

Fav Music. Moving by Bugzy Malone and Not Giving In by Rudimental & John Newman

Fun fact. If where I’m from is based on where I was born them I’m from the hospital, if it’s based on where I live am from my house!!.. 


Derek Peat – Goalkeeper

Derek Peat

Age. 33

Team. Sheffield Wednesday

Hobbies. Xbox & playing golf

Fav Music. The killers

Fun fact. Unfortunately had an accident at training a couple of years ago!! 




Mike Pecora – Midfielder/forward


Mike Pecora (Pecs)

Age. 29

Team. Man Utd

Hobbies. Golf & Eating (lots)

Fav TV. Game of Thrones

Fav Music. RnB

Fun Fact. I used to be a member on the Jamaican bobsleigh team



Lewis Exall – Goalkeeper

Lewis Exall

Age. 24

Team. Aston Villa

Hobbies. Gym & golf

Fav TV. A league of their own

Fav Music. RnB

Fun Fact. A couple of years ago I got asked to be a model…. then I realised it was for goalie gloves!! 



Callum Stone – Defender

Callum Stone (Ginner)

Age. 22

Team. Hull city

Hobbies. Dolphin shaver & golf

Fav TV. Family Guy

Fav Music. House & RnB

Fun Fact. Proud member of the Royal Navy and also a bloody good lookalike for John Arne Riise (ex Liverpool left back)



Charlie Shelley (on loan from Goole AFC Evo-Stick Northern Premier)

Age. 18

Team. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Hobbies. Badge collecting & Xbox

Fav TV. League of their own

Fav Music. Rap

Fun Fact. Being sick on a professional footballer (don’t ask!!)


Andy Jackson (Jacko)

Age. 31

Team. Leeds United

Hobbies. Golf & changing nappies

Fav TV. Blue bloods, the apprentice & breaking bad

Fav Music. James Morrison, do like abit of R&B and soul aswell

Fun Fact. 31 years old and still get asked for ID, also know Robert Plant (lead singer of Led Zeppelin)


Ben Killingsworth (Killer)

Age. 24

Team. Athletico Madrid

Hobbies. Gym & Reading

Fav TV. Don’t watch TV

Fav Music. love all music

Fun fact…Quote…. “Hes not that interesting, but too smart to play football” Z. Oakshott. 2016


Danny Walker

Age. 21

Team. Liverpool

Hobbies. Playing golf and watching rugby

Fav TV. Geordie Shore (& The Apprentice)

Fav Music. Drake

Fun fact. I’ve had more clubs than a golf bag… oh and my missus plucks my eyebrows!!


Rob Dodson (Doddy)

Age. 28

Team. Man Utd

Hobbies. Fifa & watching Hull FC

Fav TV. Top Gear

Fav Music. R&B

Fun fact. Struggling for a fun fact!… I’m just that kinda guy!!


Steve Taylor (physio)

Age. 31

Team. Hull City

Hobbies. Gym & eating out

Fav TV. Match of the day

Fav Music. Coldplay

Fun Fact. I fractured my hip when I was 17!!… not saying how!